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About Moringa America

*Moringa America was founded in 2008 by the Gregory Family and has been established to provide the finest quality, organically grown, Moringa products to a world-wide market. 

The Gregory family has been in the farming business for 40 years and is the largest USDA certified Organic growers Moringa Oleifera in North America. 

As a family business, our hope is to inspire others to make a difference in the world. At Moringa America, our desire is to provide not only the nutritional benefits of Moringa, but also to provide a means of education and self-preservation for those who are without hope in many parts of the world. Moringa can be grown and is being used as a food supplement, providing much needed nutrition such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids as well as powerful anti-oxidants’ to help fight malnutrition and disease. As a certified organic grower of Moringa Oleifera we are not just a middle-man or broker. We are the growers and as such, we have a much better control over our products to ensure that what we ship to our customers is of the highest quality. The moringa used to produce our products are grown on untreated soil in organic farms which hold some of the highest standards for cultivation. This ensures the finest quality of moringa amongst competitors who import lower grade Moringa. *note: all imported Moringa products are radiated, due to the fact that it is a consumable good. This process can diminish many of the beneficial properties in the Moringa. 


Moringa America was germinated by a 40+ year farmer in its true american entrepreneur spirit. While on a project in Hawaii, the founder Burl, was walking around on a Palm Tree Farm on the island of Oahu when he noticed the workers on the farm picking leaves off a tree every time they passed by. When he asked the workers what and why they were picking the fresh leaves, they responded with, “ Its just a Moringa Tree, but its good for you.” Then a worker walked up to him, grabbed Burl's hands, placed a handful of seeds and said, "Plant these seeds and it will give you life." 

When Burl got back home, he instantly planted the seeds and 9 months later, he had full grown trees reaching over 20 feet tall. This had been the fastest growing plant burl has seen in his 40 years of farming and was fascinated by the growth and structure. After bit of research is when he discovered the high nutritional content and medicinal benefits of this “miracle tree”. However it wasn't till 3 years later when he discovered it would do exactly what the worker told him. In 2006, on a trip to Baja, Burl had been seeing the worse of the negative side affects of the heart medication he was taking from his recent 3rd heart attack. The condition he was in was so terrible that a decision had to be made. That decision lead him to throw away all medication and hope Moringa would provide enough nutrition to sustain his life. Just like the worker in Hawaii had said , “it will give you life” and that it did. Since then Burl has been a better being, never went back to his medication, and is continuously creating awareness for Moringa.

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